Step by step guide to investing with Xchange wave


Step by step guide to investing with Xchange wave

It is a well known fact that you need money to make money and the more money that you have the easier it is to make more money. With this in mind, alone you can only generate so much capital but together we all can generate more. Xchange Investments provides an avenue for the general public to contribute their funds for investment in secure wave opportunites by Xchange. Xchange then pays you back your wave with interest ofcause for which you can choose to reinvest or withdraw. And incase you are questioning the term secure investment. Don't worry every dime collected on this platform is well insured.

For anonymousity and ease of doing business, investment and withdrawal works with Bitcoin or Ethereum. All you have to do is buy bitcoin or ethereum of the amount that you want to invest if you don't already have such amount in your wallet and tranfer it to our account. Your deposit would be confirmed in less than 24 hours and your plan would be activated. When the duration of the plan is up, your capital and accumulated profit would then be deposited to your account balance. From which you can apply for withdrawals or reinvest. If you apply for withdrawals, in less than 24 hours, your funds would be transferred to your bitcoin or ethereum wallet.

Follow the guide below to get started

  • Download trust wallet from here
  • Buy bitcoin from within your trust wallet using the amount in US dollars that you want to invest.
  • Transfer the bitcoin to our bitcoin wallet address. You can find it here
  • Go to Plans and fill in the form with the correct details used in your transaction
  • In a few hours atmost, your plan would be activated.
  • When the duration of your plan has been covered. Your profit and capital would be transferred automatically to your deposit balance.
  • You can choose to reinvest or withdraw. If you choose to withdraw, your funds would be transerred to your the bitcoin or ethereum address of your choice

  • Note:

  • You can also invest with ethereum using the same steps if you prefer.
  • If you have bitcoin or ethereum in any crypto wallet, you can easily invest by transferring it to the wallet address in your dashboard, then fill the investment form.